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hi there, i am diana, the face behind zami design 

I truly believe that great design has the power to make a lasting impact on people and businesses alike

my passion
can be your power too.

Welcome to my world, where there is no limit when it comes to creativity. From since I can remember my whole life has revolved around crafting and creating. From the National school of fine arts in Bulgaria, to my studies in Graphic design and New media design later on. All these years have led me to finally making my dream of Zami Design a reality.

Zami is a space where all work is individually crafted with specific goals, value, mission and target audiences in mind. The base for each project is of utmost importance, and this makes sure that the end result will truly be a boost for your business.

We provide comprehensive branding, web, and graphic design services. From logos to marketing materials, our designs are visually striking and strategically effective for both digital and print use. Our user-friendly web designs, including e-commerce sites and landing pages, are beautiful and functional. Let us help boost your business with everything you need in one place. In our world anything is possible!


We craft a unique and compelling brand identity that truly connects with your audience. By carefully choosing the right style, tone, and structure, we help articulate authenticity in both visual and narrative aspects of your brand. This speaks to your audience in a powerful and meaningful way.

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